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Band-in-a-Box vers 2018.0.263

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Super MidiTracks

Fixed: For localized versions, the long style name would be wrong on the main screen.

Added: Save as MIDI/Audio track button launches render dialog.

Adds setup information menu items for the "Cybersynth"

trc - transposes song to key of C


to 10.14.3

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Fixed: The Audio Edit window draws very slowly when using macOS Sierra (10.12) and higher. Solo Performances Technical Support is available 7 days a week. The new Band In A Box RealTracks takes it to a whole new place. Go to the first post in this thread and click on the samples given: Eli Krantzberg is your host for this in-depth series on using the powerful pitch editing plug-in Waves Tune! Watch and learn what every function and button does, as well as see it used in-action. Summary of Changes for Build 11 (March 24, 2010) Improved: Render dialog stays open until you press Close button. There were also some enhancements to the GUI, but if you were expecting a more Mac like overhaul, you are going to be sadly disappointed. When they say GUI enhancements, they mean that when you have a track that has a banjo, it shows you where the banjo is rather than lumping it in the string section. Useful, but it should have had this a while ago. Not sure how useful the saving a song to youtube is going to be. They also have a save to soundcloud feature but I’ve never used that.

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